Fee Schedule

Sales Commission

When you make a sale, $1.00 plus 4.9% of the selling price will be taken off the top by our electronic purchasing partner. ReadySetPresent then takes 60% sales commission on every item sold.

Chargebacks and Returns

  • $25.00 chargeback fee for each chargeback processed.
  • No fee is incurred on a refund as a result of a duplicate order.

Getting Paid

Every other month, we send you a check for 40% of the purchase price from the previous month minus sales commissions. We keep your sales revenue on account untill all returns, and refunds are cleared.

Other Notices

There is currently no limit on the length of time your item may appear on ReadySetPresent.com. We reserve the right to make changes in the future. For more details, please review the User Agreement.

There are no additional fees, at any point, for any reason.