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Delegating for Guaranteed Results Cover

Delegating for Guaranteed Results

Delegating for Results is a concise and comprehensive review with a step by step, logical presentation of pertinent ideas business people will find invaluable. Very focused, this resource is an essential part of business success! Delegating for Results discusses in uncomplicated straightforward language, the steps managers should take ... more

Performance Mangement Cover

Performance Management

This book, Performance Management, goes beyond a simple discussion of the performance evaluation and instead lays out the guidelines for effective management and how to encourage optimal performance on an ongoing basis. Every manager knows that employee productivity directly affects company productivity ... more

Time Management

Time/Self Management

"Time/Self Management" distinguishes itself from most self-help books by defying the popular categorization "psychobabble". It runs counter to the negative stereotypes of self-help books, and provides a practical and realistic approach towards measurable and long-lasting improvement... more

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