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ReadySetPresent (Audio Products & Reference Guides): Content from ReadySetPresent is in MP3 format. You may download and play back on personal computers, CDs, or computer-based mobile devices. Listen to hours of audio programs on business information, management skills, presentation tips and techniques, inspirational thoughts, motivational and meditative moments from experts and select content partners. Play, listen and learn anywhere - anytime.

Other audio vendors will try and sell you low quality audios they might have recorded in the back of a room somewhere. ReadySetPresent audios are studio recorded to provide listeners with high quality and professional sound that will last with continuous use. In order to fulfill our high standards, this product line cost $18,000.00 to produce!

Management & Training Audios  

6 Hour Audio Series School for Managers Audio Cover

The School for Managers
The School for Managers with Reference Guide

45 Minutes Audio Series
Management, Leadership, & Coaching (Overview)
Communication (The Foundation)
Motivation (Employees Can Do More)
Goal Setting (The Key To Performance)
Time Management & Procrastination (Organizing Yourself)
Delegation (Organizing Others)
Problem Solving (Understanding)
Decision Making (Applications & Styles)

Stress Management & Relaxation Audios

Calm Down
Countdown to Relaxation
Daydreams 1: Getaways
Daydreams 2: Peaceful Places
Daydreams 3: Relaxing Retreats
Healing Visions
Healthy Choices
Natural Tranquilizers

Refreshing Journeys
Relax... Let Go... Relax
Stress Release
Warm & Heavy
Wilderness Daydreams 1: Canoe/Rain
Wilderness Daydreams 2: Island/Spring
Wilderness Daydreams 3: Campfire/Stream
Worry Stoppers

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