Training Games

ReadySetPresent (Training Games): Each is easy to use and most can be customized to your presentation. Our presentation and training games help your audience to focus, and learn. Add fun and interaction that will stimulate learning. Every presenter must keep participants on track, and “in the room”. Delivering a great presentation is what everyone works towards. The products we carry can give you that additional edge that ensures success. Come play with us! We'll have you laughing while learning.

Baseball Game Deluxe

This game gives you the sights, sounds and action of Major League Baseball and the play is driven by answering your training questions ... more

Football Game Deluxe

This is a fun and interactive team game in which answering your training questions correctly moves the ball down field. As your team gets the answers right, you'll score TDs, extra points, and field goals. Wrong answers result in lost yardage, fumbles and turnovers ... more

Race Car Game Deluxe

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! This Race Car game features a graphical race car track with cars racing around the track as your trainees and students answer your training questions correctly ... more

6-Pack PowerPoint Quiz Show Games Vol 1

Add your questions and play these great powerpoint games: Peril, Tic Tac Dough, Wheel of Color Game, All The Way, Word Jumble Game, and Quiz Show Game ... more

6-Pack PowerPoint Quiz Show Games Vol 2

This version features an updated 20 Questions Quiz Show Game, The Money Taxi Game, Pyramid of the Sun Quiz Show, The $1600 Quiz Show, Truth or Consequences Quiz Show, and the TV Quiz Show Game ... more

6-Pack PowerPoint Sports Games

They are based on real life sporting events that everyone watches or plays. Our 6-Pack PowerPoint Sports Games includes: Baseball Game, Football Game, Golf Game, Racecar Game, Blimp Race Game, and Boat Race Game ... more

6-Pack PowerPoint Ice Breakers - Team Builders Games

Six great ice breakers and team builder games, including: Fun Feud, Match Game, 1,000,000 Pyramid, Star Cruiser, Ice Breaker Wheel Game, and Team Builder Crossword Puzzle ... more

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