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Project Management: Planning and Control
by Andrew E. Schwartz

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When a project is simple, straightforward and needs little effort to accomplish, or when a project is being done by a single team member, there is no need for formal project management and project control. However, many projects are not so simple. Rather, the project's objectives and outcome (products) are often complex requiring the use of many different resources over its life span. These resources include time, money and manpower.

That is why project management is both feasible and efficient in all situations requiring a team effort. And a good project manager can provide excellent direction and knowledge to any such situation. Before any organization plunges into a full-blown project management effort, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages involved in of such an undertaking.

Solving a problem through project management keeps management informed of the project's progress by the manager: Quality and control is built into the process through periodic reviews with one well-informed source. In addition, project management encourages employee involvement because all individuals have a comprehensive understanding of the project at each step. Finally, thanks to the documentation afforded by project management, the result can provide a historical bank of data to management for future planning.

A project manager can schedule enough time to make a thorough investigation of all issues involved while providing accurate documentation of these issues, as well as any concerns which arose throughout the project's lifespan. Such a manager can also aid in scheduling subcontracted segments of a project (work performed by other companies) and provide discipline to help avoid omission of important tasks. Furthermore, experienced project managers are able to spot potential problems in time to take preventative action.

Andrew E. Schwartz, CEO, A.E. Schwartz & Associates of Boston, MA a comprehensive management training and professional development organization offering over 40 skills specific programs and practical solutions to today's business challenges.

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